” It was eventually replaced by their current home

The Saints began their first official season in 1967 and their first 6 seasons where played at local Tulane University’s stadium named “Tulane Stadium.” It was eventually replaced by their current home the Louisiana Superdome in 1974. The Saints were given the colors black and gold as homage to the oil industry in the Gulf Coast, much of which took place off the coast of Louisiana specifically. However, these colors were a blessing and a curse as the Saints themselves for the first two decades in existence had many black marks on their schedule that read “L” for losses.

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When General Manager Brian MacLellan traded for Oshie before the 2015 16 season, he did so not only because the Caps needed some scoring to back up big dogs Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, but because the locker room needed a culture change. Since his arrival, he always has been part of the solution, never part of the problem. That hasn’t always been the case with Washington’s most important players..

There’s no doubts about Beckham’s talent and ability to put up eye popping stats, but the knock on him is that there’s just too many weeks in which he’s not a factor. Consistency has its rewards in fantasy football. A year ago, Beckham finished with five games with 10 or fewer points.

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