“But McAfee isn’t buying the hype

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wholesale jerseys from china ESPN also came up empty in an attempt to trade for NBC’s Al Michaels.Buy NFL tickets: StubHub, SeatGeekSo who does that leave as the leading contenders to work on “Monday Night Football”? Front Office Sports’ Michael McCarthy reports “at the top of the list are football analysts Louis Riddick and Dan Orlovsky, ‘SportsCenter’ anchor turned announcer Steve Levy, and former punter and fast rising media personality Pat McAfee.”But McAfee isn’t buying the hype, tweeting on Sunday “although I believe it’s a massive honor I’d be able to help figure out how to make MNF MUST WATCH TV for the right reasons again. There isn’t the slightest chance in hell that I get offered that job.”The talent behind the scenes at “Monday Night Football” is changing as well. On Thursday, ESPN introduced Phil Dean as the producer, taking over for Jay Rothman. wholesale jerseys from china

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